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Friday, August 26, 2011

Child 1st Publication

If you like to purchase great high frequency words for right brained click on the image below.

New Snap Words List in Child 1st

Perfect for native English speakers learning Spanish or for working with children in a bilingual classroom, these cards include a stylized high-frequency word on the front, plain word and word used in a sentence on the back. Click the link for more info, including a list of the words in this set! You can click on the image below or on the image on the sidebar to purchase them.
SnapWords™ Spanish Teaching Cards List 2

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Learning from Animals (Teamwork)

I learned a lot when I was shown a video similar to this one. As teachers we need to work together as a team. If one person gets lost on the way we need to do all means to get them back on track. Geese form a "V" formation but I never fully understood why. I never thought that they would follow an injured or tired one till they got better. This is an awesome video! It shows that one grade will impact another. We must not blame no grade level and work on what we have. You should take  a look at the video.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Task Cards

Here is another task card from PT. Its about syllables. Students can clap to know how many syllables the word has. Its all in Spanish. Click on picture to download.

Student Information Sheet

Most of us ask parents to fill out a student information sheet. I found this one in PT and asked if I could translate it and post on my blog. I love it because it is two in one. It has student information and parent contact log. Some districts ask at the end of the year to turn in parent contact logs. Well this avoid me the hassle and I don't have to have separate documents. I store mine in a binder and have it on my desk for easy access. Click on the picture to download.

Classroom Helpers

I created a list of classroom helpers to put on a pocket chart. Its ideal for the beginning of the school. I hope it helps someone.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Important Reading 20 min

Some parents don't understand the importance of why their child should read everyday. I came across this document in PT "Why I can't skip my 20 minutes of reading each night." I thought this would be ideal for parents to have when we have Meet The Teacher night. This will be definitely on my agenda. I translated it into Spanish. Here is the Spanish version. Someone else in PT made it for 15 minutes. I doing the original 20 minutes.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PT Task Cards (parts of a plant)

I don't know if you guys are familiar with PT It is a website where teachers share lesson plans, activities, or ask questions. Well when I came across this website in 2009. There I saw different task cards. Task cards are like flashcard that teach a specific objective. Unseen001 (Doris Corley) is a retired teacher that has created so many task cards to help teachers all over the world. I had one dilemma when I saw them. They are all in "ENGLISH". I asked her if she could send me her originals to translate them. I asked her it was okay to publish the ones I had translated into Spanish. I teach mostly in Spanish except for Math. I told her it would benefit a lot of bilingual teachers. I am not planning to sale or make profit out of them. All I want is to share them. I will be posting the ones I have translated little by little.

Center Labels

If you are in a dual language you know that you have to have things labeled in both languages. I created these labels. I like them because they aren't that big nor to small. I hope someone can use them.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bilingual Planet

I recently came across a website Its a great resource.  There are a lot of material for dual language classroom. Most material are in Spanish. I love their alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet has different pictures of things that have the same beginning sound. This fall they will have new posters that will come out. Some are a list of syllables and the vowels. They look adorable.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Working with syllables

At the beginning of the year we get students that tend to forget what they learned. This activity is great for working with syllables. Students are to clap to the syllable and put a counter in the correct place.  Hope this helps someone.
Clapping Syllabels

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tape vs Hot Glue

ScotchMasking Tape for Production Painting
I noticed that hot glue tends to come off when you glue poster on the wall. I used Scotch Masking Take  #2020 (high adhesion) found in Home Depot. Things don't fall off. It last all year long. One roll goes a long way. I just purchased a roll to start decorating my classroom. You might take this into consideration. I highly recommend it to anyone that has to use the wall as bulletin boards. I have personally used it. Give it a try. You have nothing to loose.

I am not sure if it works on bricks but it does on concrete walls.

Using Ten Frames

If you use EnVision as a math curriculum, you know that you use ten frames. Well I created this for making ten with a ten frame. I hope it helps someone.
Using Ten Frame


It is one of the most fun ways to organize your creative bookmarks. Its a place to store all the beautiful things you find on the web. Its a  series of inspiration boards, just waiting to be filled up with wonderful photos. Pintererst has boards that allow you to organize thematically. All the things you find online are stored in one place. Forget about "I saw it once but don't remember where?"  All you have to is pin a picture that links to your favorite site. A pin is just a picture and it will remember where the source came from.  I have become addicted to Pinterest and have come across wonderful ideas for the classroom. So many creative ideas out there. Its so much fun.
To get started you need an invite from someone who has it. You can't simply join. An invitation has to arrive via email. If you know someone that has it request an invitation. This is the faster way to start your own pinboards. If you need an invitation let me know.Here is mine if you like to take a look Pinterest

Monday, August 1, 2011

Prime Numbers

I know that many students struggle with prime numbers. I have created this sheet to help students remember all the prime numbers from 0-100. My first year teaching was in fifth grade. I used this and made a story to help them remember the box. Its great when doing factor tree, multiplication, reducing fraction, etc. I hope this helps someone. It is both in English and Spanish.