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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parts of a Plant

We have gone over the parts of a plant. I sent home a sunflower printout. Students were to create the flower using stuff found around the house. (Example macaroni, beans, rice, etc). They had to label the parts of the plants. I teach science in Spanish so some of the pictures are in Spanish. But they came out some beautiful.

How to reuse unwanted CDs

Have you ever wondered what to do with scratch CDs? Well I used this idea from The Bag Ladies. I used the CD and created a clock to tell time. What a create way to reuse and go green!

Good idea for reusing

This February I attended a workshop with The Bag Ladies. They have a great ideas. One of the ones they used was reusing the toilet paper rolls. What you do is smashed them and cut them in half and create  a little book. This is how it suppose to look.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I still getting the hang of blogging....I am wondering how to you insert a google docs. I need some cheat notes. Please help. TIA

Homework Helper

At the beginning of the year I create a homework binder. I like to put some type of study guide that will help them throughout the year. I created this homework helper for math. It has the basic concepts that students should know.
Homework Helper (click here)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Science Interactive Journals

I have tried to make science as fun as possible. I have students decorate a notebook where they can put their assignments. I has worked well with my students. On one side the students write notes and the other they glue whatever I given them.