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Monday, October 24, 2011

TABE Conference 2011

TABE is an acronym for Texas Association for Bilingual Education. This year it was held in near my hometown. TABE is an organization to help people who are interested in Bilingual Education. They share and exchange ideas for more effective implementation. Different sessions occur to acquire ideas to implement in one/two way dual language classrooms. I was honored to attend this year. I have never attended and was pleased. There are different exhibitors to exhibit different materials to use in the classroom. I was honored  to come across Bilingual Planet. I had previous came across them through searching for bilingual material. I was honored when they added my blog to  their site under teacher resources. I went to their station to greet them and explain who I was. They were so happy to meet me in person. They are really nice people. I am thankful for their hospitality. My gratitude is immense and can't thank them enough. I am so  happy to have their material in my classroom. They  will be useful. Bilingual material is so limited that sometimes as teachers we have to translate    them. I love their material and its so kids friendly.In the pictures is Dolly Loaiza author from products from Bilingual Planet and myself.