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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Donors Choose

GIVING TO A GOOD CAUSE: I have posted a project to get funded. Our students lack the opportunity to being exposed to literature. My project is so students can read different books in both English and Spanish. I am afraid that my project won't get funded before the deadline. I ask all those that would love to donate to please do so. Please donate. My kids need all the reading material that they can be exposed to. Click on the image to see more.
Another way is to vote through using a valid email. Please vote for my project the name of the project is " On the road to reading!"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Motivational Glasses

I found these glasses at the Dollar Tree today. I thought of popping out the lens and have them in the library center. Students will be able to use them while they read. I will name them magic glasses. I will explain that these glasses have guitars on the side because like many musicians have to memorize so many songs. Students need to know how to read. They will help memorize words and help read faster just like musicians. What a great way to motivate those non-readers. Any little bit helps.

Making Ten

I saw this video in and was waiting for season to come around. Today I stopped at the Dollar Tree and purchased the material for the project. Students are to use counters (Halloween treats) and place them in the ice cube tray. I loved it. The tray is little pumpkins and my counters are small rings. Its adorable and I know my kids will love it. Can wait to use it in my math center. Its a perfect ten frame.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Restroom Passes

I always had a problem to know who goes to the restroom. I got some letters from Wal-Mart and painted them. My dad made a hole on them so I could tie a ribbon on them. This is how it works: If students want to go to the restroom they are to get the pass and place it on their desk. I ask them not to take it to restroom so it won't get filled with germs. That way we don't all get sick. I only created one for boys and one for girls. I plan to do two. Here is the outcome. Love the ribbon.

Classroom Rules

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my classroom. I really don't have a camera (because I broke the lens oops). I took pictures with cell phone so they might not be all that great. I just think its the intention that counts. I was looking for authentic way to display classroom rules. I came across and loved the classroom rules. I had to do my own. I really didn't know how to make bows. I asked one of my coworkers and she made it for me without hesitation. I love the outcome. If you need rules please let me know. I will send them to you. Please comment on pictures.

My Calender

Here is a picture of my morning calender. I so grateful for pinterest. I got so many great ideas.  Its has everything I need.

Crates Seats

I came across with the idea through ProTeacher last year. I decided to make them this year and have them near my library center. My brother made some furniture for my classroom and used the left over wood to create the crates. My students love them. I have seen so many adorable crates in different blogs and just wanted to share my own. The cushion are exact measure. Sorry for not being adjusted.